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    Borisov Castle

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    Borisov castle it ruins strengthen once existed in Belarus in Borisov on the left bank of the river at the confluence of the Berezina River tributary to it It is assumed that the castle existed here from the XII to the XVII century and is a wooden... attractions, Cultural objects

    Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Borisov

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    In the years 1806 1823 in the city of Borisov were built in honor of the birthday of the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary This is a Catholic church which is part of the Borisov deanery Minsk and Mogilev archdiocese Architectural monument in the... attractions, Cultural objects

    Resurrection Cathedral in Borisov

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    September 5 1871 in the town of Borisov was laid Resurrection Cathedral It was built by highly skilled masons of Ivenets Interior signed it Vilna artists Trutneva and Elіsheўskі October 15 1874 Cathedral lit in honor of the Resurrection of Christ... attractions, Cultural objects

    Borisov ghetto

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    Borisov ghetto a territory on which forcibly resettled Jews Borisov for the purpose of persecution and extermination of the Jewish race representatives during the occupation of Belarus by Nazi German troops during World War II    The German... attractions, Cultural objects

    Municipal Stadium in Borisov

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    In 1959 the city was built multifunctional Borisov City stadium with a capacity of 5 402 person To date it is used mainly for concerts and football matches Initially the stadium had only one platform which accommodates 2 600 people In 1998 2001 it... attractions, Cultural objects

    Church of the Nativity in Borisov

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    In 2000 in the town of Borisov was founded Church of the Nativity It consists of two churches the lower consecrated in honor of St Julia of Carthage and the upper consecrated in honor of the Nativity The church is located near the military cemetery... attractions, Cultural objects

    Monument of Prince Boris Borisov

    • /en/page/pamyatnik-knyazyu-borisu-v ...
    Monument of Prince Boris established in 2002 until the day of the 900th anniversary of the city of Borisov Monument in honor of the founder of the city that's near Holy Resurrection Cathedral in the old part of Borisov in place of the city's... attractions, Cultural objects


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    плиты. Борисов

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