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    Borisov ghetto

    • Borisov, Belarus
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      Borisov ghetto - a territory on which forcibly resettled Jews Borisov, for the purpose of persecution and extermination of the Jewish race representatives during the occupation of Belarus by Nazi German troops during World War II.  

      The German occupation of the city Borisov lasted from June 2, 1941 to July 1, 1944 Immediately after the capture of the city, began murdering Jews. Jewish ghetto was organized July 25, 1941 on the outskirts of the city. On August 27, rounded up all the Jews of the ghetto.

      The territory of the Borisov ghetto took a few blocks between the streets of Victory, Liberty, Red Army, Soviet and Slobidka. The Nazis rounded up more than 8,000 people here. Of protected areas, local policemen.
      The inhabitants of the ghetto were not allowed to communicate with the outside world, and the locals were ordered to shoot down any attempt to communicate with the Jews.

      Life in the ghetto was terrible. Apart from distress, here lacked basic hygiene. Unsanitary conditions led to the spread of disease. People were dying for lack of medicines. Prisoners worked hard and ate no more than 150 grams of bread per day.

      From 19 to 20 October at 3:00 am, the mass murder of Jews. From 20 to 21 October 1941, the Germans shot 7,245 Jews. Total Borisov in 1941 killed 9,000 people, but in 1942 they added the Polish, Czech and Austrian Jews.

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