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    Complex Nicholas Church

    • Gadilovichi, Belarus
    • Complex Nicholas Church$$
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      Complex Nicholas Church - the only surviving in Eastern Belarus complex in the style of the Belarusian Baroque. On paper, the St. Nicholas Monastery was founded in the early XVII century, actually the first building was created only in the 70's of the XVII century. The monastery was first female, then the male, and then did just became parish. By the end of the XIX century the church has strongly decayed, lost part of the interior and required substantial restoration. As a result of repairs, some interior details, including part of the old murals were carried out again.

      In 1924 the church was closed, placed here later book base, walls and dome still were plastered. During the restoration works of our time have been disclosed of the paintings of the XVII century, they can be seen today.

      Nowadays, renovated stone buildings make up the complex and winter Anufryeўskі Nicholas church, a residential building and the bell tower, surrounded by a stone fence with a gate. St. Nicholas Church - the oldest in the city. Thanks to its special tiered architecture it looks very nice.

      But even from the point of view of architecture church church related, yet facade design is based on the local Belarusian receptions and family quickly Moscow architecture. Tiers decorated with pilasters and columns, which are covered with stucco ornamentation, which shows a plant.

      This church is an outstanding monument of Belarusian architecture of the XVII century. Initial temple frescoes almost failed to recover, but an outstanding carved iconostasis restored virtually intact.

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