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    Monument of Prince Boris Borisov

    • Borisov, Belarus
    • Monument of Prince Boris Borisov$$
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    • Monument of Prince Boris established in 2002, until the day of the 900th anniversary of the city of Borisov. Monument in honor of the founder of the city that's near Holy Resurrection Cathedral, in the old part of Borisov - in place of the city's founding.

      Prince Boris Vseslavovich was born about 1054. He was Polotsk descendants of Rurik and actively fought for Orthodoxy. Spread the Christian faith, even when most of the people worshiped pagan fetishes. In 1101 he took the throne of Polotsk.

      A monument to this great man, the son of Prince Vseslav Magician, now dominates the central square of Borisov. It was designed by sculptor A. Artimovich and architects I. Morozov and Kovalevskaya. Behind his back Boris can see an angel guards on his difficult life path.

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