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    Monument "to the victims of the War of 1812" in Studénka

    • Bytcha, Belarus
    • Monument "to the victims of the War of 1812" in Studénka$$
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      Monument to the Victims of the War of 1812 is located in Belarus, Borisov district near the village of Studenka. It is the place where 26-29 November 1812 were fighting between Russian troops and the French corps of Wittgenstein and Chichagova.

      Battles were fought during the crossing of Napoleon, on the right and the left bank of the river Berezina. Near the village of Studenka in unmarked graves are more than eight thousand people from different European countries. In 2002 there was opened a monument to the victims of the tragedy allegory 1812 year.

      The monument stands at the cross-shaped stone pedestal. He is a young man of the ancient warrior who was killed by the enemy. Above the head of the warrior waving flag. Bending down from above the tree picked up the mighty eagle, which became a symbol of military valor. At the base bronze statue lay huge boulders, polished black granite and resemble ice, dark waves of the Berezina.

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