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    Church of the Nativity in Borisov

    • Borisov, Belarus
    • Church of the Nativity in Borisov$$
    • +375 177 76-62-60
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      In 2000, in the town of Borisov was founded Church of the Nativity. It consists of two churches - the lower, consecrated in honor of St. Julia of Carthage and the upper, consecrated in honor of the Nativity.

      The church is located near the military cemetery. It is built of red brick, it is decorated with gray triangular roof, a dome, arched windows and a large entrance arch door, which is open to parishioners daily from half past six in the morning until eight at night. 

      With many icons of the temple is the most revered icon of St. Elders Optsіnskіh and icon of the Mother Vsetsaritsa doctor from various diseases.

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