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    Resurrection Cathedral in Borisov

    • Borisov, Belarus
    • Resurrection Cathedral in Borisov$$
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      September 5, 1871 in the town of Borisov was laid Resurrection Cathedral. It was built by highly skilled masons of Ivenets. Interior signed it Vilna artists Trutneva and Elіsheўskі.

      October 15, 1874 Cathedral, lit in honor of the Resurrection of Christ, was finally completed. This large building, made in the style of Russian retrospective 1860-1880 period.

      The temple is in the shape of a cube and includes devyatipole, which is completed by three apses in the altar area. On three sides of the porch located. Cascade heads-bulbs is an important element of the composition of the church. Completes the composition great light drum with excellent head, the bottom of which there are two rows kakoshnіkaў. The facades are made of red brick, which creates a contrast with white decorative elements - cornices, lіshtvamі windows and so on. In the first half of the XX century in the main entrance brick bell tower was erected.

      In 1937 the church was robbed and kicked out of him all the faithful. However, the Nazi occupiers during the war returned to the church congregation. Thus, they wanted to win over the Slavic population. Cathedral would be fully restored.

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