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    Church of the "Three Hierarchs"

    • /en/page/tserkov-treh-svyatitelej
    Three Saints Cathedral is considered the main Orthodox church in Mogilev and also refers to the monuments of architecture of the early XX century Named in honor of the Three Saints John Chrysostom Basil the Great and Gregory the Theologian... attractions, Cultural objects

    Arc de Triomphe

    • /en/page/triumfalnaya-arka-9
    Arc de Triomphe or as it is called the Arch of Fame was built in the late XVIII century in honor of Mogilev Empress Catherine II Here she met the Austrian Emperor Joseph II Arch is a rectangular building with two projections which completed a wide... attractions, Cultural objects

    Area Stars

    • /en/page/ploshchad-zviozd
    Modern business card Mogilev became Etoile located in the historic part of the city This is an outstanding place as a cultural center of the city on the initiative of the city government was established in 2003 On stone slabs were also the names of... attractions, Cultural objects
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